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Review of Representations - 4Ts and e-learning Template

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Allison Bell
1 April 2013

Readibility (i.e. the ease with which you understood the content)

4Ts Model:

This was an accessible model with clearly depicted swimlanes for the four facets: Tasks, Teams, Technology, Time.

e-design Template:

Less visual, but the principle was clear - guided learning from teacher-centric through to student-led in a scaffolded progression through defined stages.


4Ts Model:

Very visual - I found it simpified understanding of the overall picture of the design in this way. However due to this, it lacks detailed description of each stage.

e-design Template:


Less visual, depicted stages in a tabular format but still clear to understand.

Utility (i.e. their usefulness in communicating important aspects of the design)

4Ts Model:

Perhaps a bit limited in communicating finer design points seeing as it is diagrammatic and each 'T' is a vertical swimlane.

e-design Template:


A straightforward layout, mapping the stages of progress to a tabular format. As each stage in the table defines the strategy, and the contents provide a brief description, they combine together to make the communication of the design straightforward without excessive information - but more is communicated than in the 4T design.

Extra content

Embedded Content

Strategy Pattern (using the Pedagogical Patterns Collector)

Strategy Pattern (using the Pedagogical Patterns Collector)

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