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Kerry's Review of Representations

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Kerry O'Hanlon
1 April 2013

ISiS Model

There are clear guidelines as to the expectations of the learner and the resources and tools available for each activity and so this should make for good readability however, the symbols overcomplicated things for me. There was a lot of referring backwards and forwards and if the final screen edit was done for every 'interactional situation' that is an awful lot of pictures for one learning design. There was also an expectation of familiarity with a number of operational definitions. No timings given for each activity and a lot of the context for each activity was missing. I felt that there was too much emphasis on the visual with a lack of detail in the content

E-design Template

 I liked the initial graphic for how e learning develops, as it is useful for setting the learning design into context. By mapping activities to the Best Practice Principles means a greater focus on those principles at appropriate times can be ensured. Defining the interactions that take place also helps to prevent a focus on just one type of interaction. However, there are no suggested tools or resources to use with each activity. This is particularly important for the 'open activities'. Although I wouldn’t use this for the learning design that I documented, due to the fact that I feel that it is not suitable for one lesson, I would use it for an extended activity lasting for a number of weeks in order to develop the best practice principles (rather like the OU module)

Web Collage

Had a quick look at this, but it gave me a headache and so the most I could say about it is that it lacks ‘readability’.

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