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Sibylle's design representation

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Sibylle Hyde
1 April 2013

4SPPIces Model and in LdShake

The readability of this model is easy to understand. It divides the critical components into four areas which are intuitive. In terms of expressiveness, the drawn model has a high impact with the exception of the circular space that was chosen: I would not have put a timeline into a quarter slice of the 'apple'. In terms of utility, I would rate it average: the design needed a lot of verbal explanations rather than being self-explanatory.


Cadmos I thought was a better, as more ordered, way of representation. The linear format supports the time line element, although I would have put the participants line next to the group line to make it easier to see when the participants were part of the group, and when they were working on their own.  The readability was therefore better than LD Shake's. They representation was as expressive as LD Shake, but in different ways. It was better because of the linear structures, but worse because it looked a bit amateurish. I would rate the utility higher. The conceptual model complemented the flow model well, the first showing outcomes and the second the methods and timings.

For my own learning design

I would say that either model would work. 4SPPI would probably work better, because the nature of the activities is so short, and the assessment is not built into each learning activity but due to time consstraints, takes place as a summative activity some time later. 

The benefits would be that the pedagogical method would be made clear to the teachers before they start the achtivity. As the time available for each activity is very short, I would not need a long timeline, so the criticism I mentioned above would not apply to this particular activity. It would also be possible to alert the teacher to the nature of the assessment, which is summative and takes place several days or even weeks down the line. Further, the home learning using the revision guide could be introduced in the 'space' section.

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