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Kiran Gawali's H800 Healthy Eating design representations review

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Kiran Gawali
1 April 2013

I decided to compare and review the following:

"Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template

"Healthy Eating" as an ISiS model

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Edesign template- easy to read, communicates the idea and type of activity well. It's a standard table really so not sure if it expresses much visually. It also did not feel sequential even though activities are numbered but more of an "sorting shapes" in box excersise. I don't see how this template caters for edesign as it incorporates common elements of any lesson plan?
This would for instance not support me to transfer my lesson into a vle .There are no timelines , no interactive elements to include; nothing terminology wise to encourage you to think in terms of eLearning. I  expected the template to be use learning specific headings like tools /forum/interaction etc.
Isis model & ScenEdit- as a contrast this model works well for an eLearning situation as it is very task focused. However the  greatest advantage is that it works visually. Through the Scenedit software you have a workable mix between storyboarding and interaction designing. It makes the design explicit. I therefore think this model would work with my information literacy lessons. The benefits as I see it would be the visual element granting a "walk through" of the lesson highlighting maybe any issues. On the downside the Isis model on its own is to theoretical in my view and would not work as effeciently for me.


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