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Amanda Smith
1 April 2013

Healthy Eating as a 4T's model:

My first reaction to the diagram was 'what on earth' but I think that was because after the narratives, I was not expecting a diagram. On closer inspection, I found it to be  However,  nothing more than the usual tutorial plans I produce for my own tutoring, just in a diagramatical format. As the text says, the intention is a 'bird's eye view' of the design and this is exactly what is achieved. In some respects, I didn't need to read the text to understand the design but this does not mean the text is not worthwhile; it is particularly useful for explaining aspects that are not easily discernable from the diagram alone. For example, the 'swim lane' and the design process being 'messy' because of the need to 'jump from one T to another to fine tune' in order to produce a 'clear and tidy output'. To that end, the text fills in the gaps. Overall, I like this design and can see myself using something similar for tutorial preparation.

Healthy Eating in CADMOS:

I chose this representation as to me it is a direct contrast to the last. Whereas the former was easy enough to understand visually, the conceptual model is most certainly not. Without the text, to me, it makes no sense whatsoever and even with the text I struggle to understand what it is trying to explain other than each activity has a corresponding resource. I get the impression from the text that one reason for the lack of understanding is because a number of relevant criteria are not represented but I am not sure what difference that criteria would make. On the other hand the Flow model is essentially the same as the 4T's and I was easily able to relate to this and discern some meaning.

My own design is very much an independent learning resource. It might lend itself to representation via the 4T's but I doubt the CADMOS would be useful (but that may be because I didn't really understand it). If it did, then I can see the benefit in using it to represent what I was aiming to achieve from the activity and how I would go about doing so.



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