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Julia's Healthy Eating Representation Review Week 8 H800 Activity 2b

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Julia Killen
2 April 2013

The two representations that appealed to me were these:

E-Design Template:

This model was very easy to grasp and understand, mainly from the visual diagrams. The descriptions were short and to the point. Though this representation didn't go into too low level detail about the lesson. The latter two elements of this design weren't utilised for these lessons. You can list the sequence of  events within each element. You can't really see from the model if the outcome or objective of the lesson was acheived. 

4SPPIces Model and in LdShake:

Again this one appealled to me due to the simplicity of the the design. Again, the visual diagram was easier to understand than the description though. The diagram illustrated the 4 sections of design clearly and you could see how the components all fit together to make the whole design. Each tab provides further lower level detail into each component with a final summary tab to bring it all together. As this design is easy to read, sharing this information and the outcome of the lesson would be easier than other representations. I can tell from the diagram what the sequence of events or activities are and how long each event or activity should take though. 

This one appealed the least to me:


This representations was extremely word intense and seemed very complex and complicated. It was not clear what the purpose of figure 1 was. The list of events was mor e beneficial to my understanding than the flow diagram in Fig 2 also. 

My Own Design is a mixture of 4T model and the 4SPPlces.

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Lynne Dixon
9:24pm 2 April 2013

Julia, I agree with most of your points about the way 4SPPI & e-Design are presented to us. I found the 4SPPI textual explanation quite impenetrable at first, & the example graphic much clearer. With e-Design, the text was more straightforward, & the sample very much so, but I didn't find the explanatory graphic at all helpful. Some of the text on the diagram was unreadable for me, n matter how much I magnified the page. I think this was mainly a result of the garish colour scheme! 

Avril sweeney
10:54am 3 April 2013


Julia, I agree  with you  on your comments on the E-Design Template. Avril

Maxine Armstrong
2:54pm 11 April 2013

HI Julia, I think that both the models lacked detail. I did like the idea of the summary in 4SPPIces, bringing all the components together. 

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