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Joe's comparison of e-Design Template and Web Collages representations

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Joe Monaghan
3 April 2013

Below is a table comparing my selected representations:

Comparing the two representations:


Web Collage

e-Design template


Difficult to understand

Easy to understand





Good for overall flow/poor for individual stages


Consider the representations from the perspective of the learning design you documented in Activity 1.1

Are they adequate for expressing your design?

Not readily transferable; but overall process flow could be clearly shown

Aspects of process transferable with caution in terms of medium being discussed and the nature of the challenge to hand

What would be the benefits of using these representations for your design?

Clearly able to show the link between the participants and iterative nature of design process required in such situations; lessons learned could be applied to other similar situation

Methodical approach enabling clearly defined outcomes to be seen; template nature would help novices


Reflection: I think the table format is good for comparisons (which is why I went with it); but I think using such a structured format limits the extent of the information I can communicate (and the depth of analysis).

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