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morven pringles Healthy Eating design response

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Morven Pringle
3 April 2013

There were three models which I thought were easier to understand in comparison to all of the models. These were the 4T's , the e-design and the Design Principles Database. I think the reason for this was that these particular ones assumed that you were new to the ideas expressed and so gave clear and concise introductions. The models were not too complex either so were more attractive. The ones I will focus on are 4T's and e-design. Both were clear in their utility and straightforward in terms of adopting them as models so  I thought that the narratives were aimed at teachers and not at other research academics.  The design principles database was very interesting as it engaged us in thinking about the 'why' question, what we hoped our activity would achieve in terms of the learning. It was interesting to think that  this had been devised and refined by many practitioners.

In terms of my lesson none of the models fit really as I did not use technology however the one that would be most useful would be the design principles ( so there I go I chose the other two and then decide on the third one )

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