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Researcher 2.0: digital scholarship in science

Eileen Scanlon presentation at Researcher 2.0 workshop, 10th February 09

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Gráinne Conole
10 February 2009

Recent articles in June 08 issue of journal of science communication -

Delfanti 08 outlines the influence of the collaborative web on open and closed science and a number of authors have provided interesing commentary on this

E-Science intro by John Taylor - in the future escience will refer to the large scale science that will increasingly be carried out through distributed global collabroations enabled by the internet. Typically a feature of such collaborative scientific eenterprises is that they will require access to very large data collections very large scale computing resources and high performance visualisation back to the indivual user scientist. 


Radical shift in science community in the way they publish and discourse. 

Pioneered by physics in terms of open access pre-print journal articles and experimentation by Nature of open peer review


Recognition of escience as a different way of doing science and the way that escience tools will enable different forms of collaboration.


Zvivocic science blogger - a science paper of the future will be a work in progress, with diff people with diff skills and talents contributing to a body of work sequentially, one has an idea, another a hpothesis, another designs, another runs etc.


All bits independently searchable and citable and all interconnected. Power of the collective endeavour. 

The unity of the paper - a single date, journal, volume etc. will be gone. 

All of science will become interdisciplinary and interconnected. 


Tola - science journalist

Reviews the growth of blogging started out as informal but is extending its reach as an activity for scientist, scientific journalists etc


Cozzini - an e-scientist view, sharing large amounts of data for analysis, big scale investment

What does mean to be an international scientist in a multidisciplinary team trying to share representations and data.


Technical issues limit the usability, but also the community doesn't yet know to do with these large scale distributed data sets, need new visions to make sense of this


Interested in focusing on understanding the changes in the communication adn publication practices of academic reseachers in HE due t the impact of the information age.


Christine Borgman book on diigital scholarship


Need to do some really good quality case study work on this area.

2 types 1. looking at a team in a science area who are using these communication tools, 2. groups of educational technologists 


Some questions to focus on:

How is the landscape changed by the technologies

What do researchers do with the technologies

How does it impact on the nature of publications and how will it be influenced by the introduction of the REF



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