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Michael's Review of Representations

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Michael Charlton
4 April 2013


4 Ts Model:

  • I found the model very easy to follow, I particularly found that the projected flow of the lesson could be quickly read in the model layout. I felt that this model had potential to be too restrictive in the linear layout. This has the advantage of making it easily readable and transferable but the disadvantage of losing some expressiveness.

  • This model looks very similar to the process I went through in designing the training I outlined in Activity 1; it is very much a road map of where we start and where we finish; good for guiding a specific learning outcome but not for exploring a topic.

4SPPIces Model:

  • The model was very readible; the divisions feel natural and the use of the tabs helps prevent cluttering or information overload. The model felt like it could handle a greater level of diversity and expressiveness on behalf of designers using a version as a base for their course – it allowed more individuality into the design. The complexity of some of the ideas. The greater depth of description possible in this model madkes it better for sharing and communicating between users.


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Edward Jones
7:02am 8 April 2013

I agree with you on the 4SPPIces model, it is easy to read and the tabs for the different sections would make it straightforward to use and less cluttered. As you mention, it allows a greater depth of description and the fact that it is web-based makes it a very useful, collaborative tool. I think the summary script tab could include additional things that educators would require though, such as a timeline, for example.

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