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Gresham's comparison of 4Ts and 4SPPIces representations

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Gresham Arnold
5 April 2013


The 4 Ts model appeared very easy to read to me.  It is organised in chronogical order and this, combined with the straightforward layout, would make it easy to refer to during a lesson.

The 4 SPPICes model offers a summary page and then additional information on separate pages.  It appears less clear what each party in a lesson should be doing at any one moment in time. 


The 4 Ts model appears to be good at summarising the stages of a lesson, but perhaps focuses on practical aspects of a design, rather than the pedagogical / academic rationale for the lesson design

The 4 SPPIces model offers the opportunity for greater depth of description (by having separate tabs for each aspect, as well as a summary tab) and appears to offer greater scope for description of  pedagogy


Either model appears to be sufficently flexible to be used in a wide range of contexts.  The depth of description and the encouragement to consider pedagogy may make the  4SPPIces model particularly useful.  The practical emphasis given by the 4Ts model, eg the focus given to a timeline, is a potential strength of the 4Ts model.  

Online collaboration should be relatively straightforward using the 4SPPIces model as it has been incorporated into a web-based tool (LDshake). 

Either of these models could have been used to represent the lesson I described in activity 1b, with the pros and cons described above.


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