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Mariano's Review of Representations

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Mariano Gutierrez Alarcón
5 April 2013

For the activity 2a I selected the CADMOS and ISIS models of representations as I felt they are the most interesting to apply to my Argentine Tango and the musicality challenge cloud.

  Isis Model CADMOS
Readability Easy, complete and well structured description Although is fairly easy to read, I believe there is more in the CADMOS model than it is showed in the paper. I am not totally sure if this is due to the simplicity and limitations of CADMOS or the conceptualization of the article.
Expressiveness It is a good summary with all the needed information to give a full account of the model, enough to catch our attention and read more about it. There are only two well-explained CADMOS features that can be used (conceptual and flow model), however as I mentioned before, I found some problems in the structure of the article hence, the expressiveness falls more into the negative side.
Utility The article is very useful as well it seems to be the model and the tool described in it. It has a great depth, articulates pedagogical theory, purpose and a good articulation of activities. The ScenEdit tool seems to be strong enough to portray all the three levels of the theory behind it and a good tool to achieve what it sets itself up to achieve, organize intentions and reusability. Beyond my previous comments, I believe the simplicity is the strength in CADMOS. As we entering a technology enhanced educational system, one of the potential strengths of this system is facilitate practitioners with no ICT skills to share all their years of experience in a format that can be adapted to more sophisticated tools.
Consider these representations from the perspective of the learning design you documented in Activity 1
Are they adequate for expressing your design? I believe it is adequate however is a bit too sophisticated to expressing my design. I believe it is adequate for my design.
What would be the benefits of using these representations for your design? Explain. Would give a more theoretical framework to research on ways that different people learn skills like dancing. As social dancing falls into one of those discipline of not academic nature and it is highly dependent on situation, involves three very personal and non transferable senses, vision, hearing and equilibrium, would be one great environment to share and understand different ways of learning, and how we differently learn from the same situation (same song, same place etc)

Performing arts are not narrative in words by nature, what they do have in common is that they only happens in time and only when it happens. CADMOS have the advantage of having only two levels which covers the conceptual model and the flow model according to the article, helps to separate and structure what we have to achieve and flow in how we are going to achieve making easier the way we knit one into another.

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