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Tim's Thoughts on the Representaions

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Tim Jones
7 April 2013

The initial graphic of the ‘Best Practice Principles for e-Learning’ in the e-Design Template is very clear and could be useful as scaffolding to encourage learner autonomy over a period of time. The way each of the four stages (active induction, guided exploration, facilitated investigation, self-organised learning) is laid down one on top of the other, overlapping, moving from tutor led, deductive beginnings to a more student-centred inductive approach as the course progresses, keeps a focus on the constructive principles in learner development behind the design. Defining interaction patterns more clearly could be useful and some suggestions of appropriate tools, technology and other possible resources would also be very helpful. However, trying to fit these principles into a tabular format for individual lesson is not particularly useful or clear and there are certainly far better lesson plan templates out there.

The 4Ts model clearly presents the flow of the lesson and sequence of activities and is easy to follow visually. In contrast to the e-Design Template it seems better suited to individual lessons than for the development of a course or module over time. The lesson stages are clearly signalled, there are suggestions for the use of appropriate tools, resources and technology, the interaction patterns and timings are also clear but there is little detail in the procedure and no overall lesson or stage aims stated. I feel these are needed to make the ‘Why’ more explicit.

The infographics and visual representations are clear in both cases and e-Design is fairly easy to read and concise. Whilst the first could be of some use for my design narrative over the whole semester the second could be used for the first face to face introductory lesson, with some tweaking and adaption that is.

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