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E Odisho
7 April 2013

"Healthy Eating" as a 4 Ts model is the model which I found easy to read and it has some similarity with how I plan my lessons using a table with columns and rows in a word document similar to that of 4 Ts “swim lanes”. I divide the tasks and sub tasks, dividing the time I have based on my calculation how much time each task and sub-task takes, the technology my students will use to accomplish the task, and finally, the number of students which will be working individually or in groups. The visual representation of what each of the T’s represents makes it a straight forward process in creating collaborative lessons.

"Healthy Eating" in CADMOS similar to the 4 Ts model, CADMOS provides the “swim lanes” model which I find the easiest to conceptualise. However, as mentioned in the same article, CADMOS does not allow “the designer to specify the duration of a set of activities. This can be circumvented by adding comments next to each phase of activity.

Consider these representations from the perspective of the learning design you documented in Activity 1.

  1. Are they adequate for expressing your design?

My Answer: They will be as my Activity 1 which is a workshop asking the openions of teachers with regards to e-portfolio implementation in secondary school

  1. What would be the benefits of using these representations for your design? Explain.

My Answer: I do not see any benefits of using these systems. However, I can see the value of it if I was creating lessons, especially using the 4 Ts model. As it gives me a very good visual of the tasks, students teams, technology and time available. 

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