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#5 April 2013, D4DL SIG, Wednesday 17 April, EIC at 2pm, Patricia Santos

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John Cook
11 April 2013

Patricia Santos, UWE, Dept Education
Wednesday 17 April, EIC 2pm (

"Using technology to support assessment in the XXI century"

Using technology to create new types of questions is important, but also exploring new types of test representations or analyzing the most adequate technological device to support a specific assessment activity based on tests. In this presentation Patricia will explain her PhD research focused on Computing-based Testing (CBT). She will introduce her theoretical approaches but also exemplary implementations and experiments to illustrate what new CBT scenarios means. After introducing the conceptual domain, the first scenario shows how question-items can be enriched with specific multimedia information (web maps). The second scenario illustrates another particular case of the CBT domain where a test can be augmented with real physical elements (assessment in real situ) using mobile devices. And finally, the third scenario describes an implementation that combines advanced question-items and tests using 3D virtual worlds (assessment in virtual situ).

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