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Using a wiki to analyse a pop song in English teaching

Demonstration of how different VLE tools might be used to teach German

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16 April 2008

Regine Hampel and Ursula Stickler at the Open University UK developed this pilot course to try and test out the functionality of different VLE tools and how they could be used to teach German.[Regine Hempel and Ursula Stickler]

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Mark Pearson
2:59pm 19 March 2009

"Regine and Ursula developed this pilot course" -- so where can I find the pilot course?


Gráinne Conole
3:24pm 19 March 2009 (Edited 4:22pm 3 November 2009)

Regine and Ursula are lectures at the Open University - if you google them at the OU you can then email them direct. But also have a look at this paper they have written

Hope this helps


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