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A review of two design tools

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Lawrence Brannon
13 April 2013

Web Collage Representation

This representation is a powerful graphical planning or analysis tool, where you can illustrate your LD in great detail. It is “A web learning design graphical authoring tool based on collaborative learning flow and assessment patterns.” 2013, and it provides several pre-set templates for many LD situations and with the correct instruction it could be a useful planning tool. It is powerful also because it combines several strong planning concepts such as  “Collaborative Learning Flow Patterns or CLFPs”  and CSCL scripts.

However is has been through several versions already, collage, web collage and now Web Instance Collage, therefore it is still developing as a tool.  I would say it is very difficult to operate the graphical UI without instruction, therefore as a planning tool it would be limited by the training available to the people wishing to use it. 

This could be used very well within an academic institution to model or evaluate LD. What is needed however for effective use of this tool is a good knowledge of its core concepts such as CLFPs and CSCL scripts.

4SSPIces model (Originally reviewed by Gresham Arnold

This model seems similar to Web Collage in some respects; e.g. it is a web based aid to visualising or modelling LD, where it differs is that on first impression it appears to be simpler and has a more user friendly UI. However it shares some of the problems of Web Collage in that while it appears to be a powerful collaborative tool, without instruction or a simpler more intuitive interface, its usefulness will be limited to those practitioners who know how to use it well.  Furthermore as Gresham points out the recording of the timing of individual tasks is an issue with the 4SSPIces model.


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