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Mark Bevis
14 April 2013

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My thoughts as regards two models I looked at refer to the 4Ts and e-Design.


Readability - as a visual learner, I found the diagrammatic expressions easy to follow, with clear depiction of the flow of a lesson. 

Expressiveness - The idea of relating them to lanes in a swimming pool however, suggests that the each of the components is separate and not to be contaminated with neighbouring lanes. I query whether each lane's content can remain purely neutral to another. Would the implementation of a new technology not taint the waters of the task lane by becoming in itself a task to learn or be taught?  Equally the results of a task are driven by the teams, which although separated from time (as a guide) will undoubtedly affect the time of the overall session when times are not adhered to or are found too rigid.

Utility - I found this model hugely effective in both creating a plan, based on predictive criteria: number of members in a team, potential time on task but perhaps MORE effective when employed as a reflective tool. By annotating the plan both during and post-session, the practitioner should have at hand an accurate account of where and when flexibility are key to the best laid plans and where and when that flexibility must be appropriated.


Readability - again being of visual orientation, I found clarity quickly and easily with the illustrative layout of the e-Design model.

Expressiveness - I felt this model reminiscent of a SWOT analysis expression with the graduation of onus and openness of tasks. Suggested to me a method of plotting the position of responsibility progressively through a collection of related tasks. Beginning quite expectedly in the hands of the tutor with closely guided activities allowing minimal risk of deviation from the tutees and advancing positively towards a tutee designed fully autonomous, unrestricted activity of the tutee's creation. 

Utility - My feeling is that this would be a model easy to share and collaborate with though there is a clear opportunity that has not yet seen discussion within the parameters of the visualisation: the Assessment of Effectiveness - this I will put forward in our 'team's report'.

Mark Bevis
15:02 on 14 April 2013

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