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Jack F's representation review

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Jack Forestall
18 April 2013

I chose to compare the 4SPPIces Model and the e-Design template as the two most readable and visually appealing representations.  The templates offered seemed very comprehensive and they both seem to be applicable to a host of e-learning situations.

I found the description of the e-Design template clearer and more straight-forward than that of the 4SPPIces template but found the latter to be a more inclusive and dynamic template.

Of the two representations, I was particularly interested in the LdShake website which hosts the 4SPPIces template:    (The LDG page link needs updating)

Having a  host site for educators to share learning design ideas while creating curricula adds greater dimension to the 4SPPIces templates making them open to collaborative insight.

I could see myself using either template for the ESL design narrative I posted. If I were to choose just one, I’d opt for the 4SPPIces template as it encompasses a wider range of influences, but either template would serve to better structure and convey the intended learning process.

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