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#7 May D4DL SIG, Pervasive Media Studio visit, Wednesday 22nd May

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John Cook
6 May 2013

D4DL SIG visit to & talks with the DCRC/PMS Watershed - with Jon Dovey, Mandy Rose, Emma Agusita, Verity McIntosh and more. 1 to 3pm. Direction to PMS:

Verity McIntosh, the Studio Producer at the Pervasive Media Studio (PMS), has offered to give a brief overview of PMS at the meeting too.

1) About D4DL SIG - John Cook open the meeting with a brief overview of D4DL SIG - purpose, aims etc.
2) Who's Who - round of short introductions
3) About DCRC - Jon Dovey, Professor of Screen Media/(former) Director of the Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC)/Director of the REACT Hub & Mandy Rose, newly appointed DCRC Director/Associate Professor of Digital Cultures
4) About the Pervasive Media Studio - Verity McIntosh
5) John Cook, Professor in Education/Director of the Bristol Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning and Education (BRILLE) - Research Profile
6) Research Interests/Updates - opportunity for participants to share their research interests/activities
7) Ideas and Actions - identify areas for potential collaboration, possibilities for further idea/resource sharing etc

Extra content

To add to our conversation about Learning Cities, I thought the group might be interested to hear about a current project - The Playable City Award:

Hello Lamp Post is a brand new project launching in Bristol this Summer. London based experience design and research studio PAN won Watershed's inaugural Playable City Award and are developing a unique and unexpected way for us all to communicate with our surroundings.

Using a simple SMS interface, the people of Bristol will be invited to 'wake up' items of street furniture in the city, sparking up conversations with lamp posts and letter boxes, bollards and billboards.

By tuning into these secret conversations, you will start to look at your city in a whole new way, playfully unlocking interactions with the ubiquitous objects we take for granted.

Part game, part social experiment, part subversion of the cool utilitarian nature of a ‘smart city’ and the internet of things, Hello Lamp Post will animate the inanimate and encourage citizens to swap ideas and leave messages for one another via these silent denizens of the curb.

This project co-funded by a network of organisations who exemplify Bristol’s strength in Creative Technologies, including UWE and the University of Bristol.


Verity McIntosh
10:18 on 24 May 2013

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John Cook Research Profile

John Cook Research Profile

added by John Cook

Learning in situ

Learning in situ

added by Patricia Santos


John Cook
3:50pm 22 May 2013

Please add ideas for collaborative research here

John Cook
3:54pm 22 May 2013

For example I saw overlaps with interactive documentaries (semantic tagging, folksonomies), learning cities, informal learning in creative networks, design innovation and diffusion ...

Patricia Santos
1:01pm 23 May 2013

Dear all,

As I mentioned yesterday, I think we can collaborate together in the long-list of open issues regarding 'Learning in situ'.

Since 2010 I've been doing experiments in formal and informal learning contexts using Questinsitu (a mobile app to support assessment in situ through location-based technologies, mobile devices and activities outdoors) see:

Also I have experience designing m-learning activities in indoors & outdoors spaces trying to understand the differences and similarities of designing these activities (see: Space-aware Design Factors for Located Learning Activities Supported with Smart Phones -

I propose the following Open issues to collaborate and discuss:

- Understanding the design process of learning in situ (e.g. techonologies, resources to share, spaces, devices...)
- Monitoring learning in situ (information useful to understand the activity in real time)
- Connection between m-learning indoors & outdoors
- Internet of things & learning in situ
- learning in situ & feedback (information visualization to improve the participants' reflection)

P.S: we are starting a possible collaboration with Charlotte Crofts

John Cook
7:58am 4 June 2013 (Edited 8:00am 4 June 2013)

See also above in extra content nice post by Verity McIntosh

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