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Saturday 15th: 09.30 CV, application form check or practice interview - hourly slots

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Vrecka Scott
6 June 2013

Alison Taylor is a qualified Careers Adviser who has worked in a number of universities with both undergraduate students and postgraduate researchers. She was a tutor on the UK Grad School Programme (now Vitae) for 10 years, where she delivered sessions on career development for PhD researchers, and how to get a career in academia. Since 2003 Alison has spent part of her time working as a freelance careers consultant and writer, specialising in working with PhD researchers (including at the OU).

1 to 1 CV or application form check, or a practice interview (limited places available)  If you are offered a place you will need to indicate which of the three options you would like and you will need to provide all relevant information to at least one week in advance.  (this information will be treated in confidence)

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