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Saturday 15th: 10.00 - 16.30 The Effective Researcher - The End is in Sight

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Vrecka Scott
6 June 2013

The Effective Researcher The End is in sight                                            

Do you want to:-
• gain a sense of direction and progression?
• widen your understanding of career options?
• better understand your own career situation?
• develop tools and techniques to explore your skills, motivations, values and talents and how you can apply these to your career planning?
• consider potential jobs you might like to explore further?
• consider what makes an effective CV?
• commit to an action plan for your personal and career development?

• To understand what is required to successfully complete your Doctorate
• To appreciate that the skills required to complete a PhD are valuable in many employment areas
• To build confidence in your ability to communicate your research and the skills you have used and developed to an employer
To recognise that in order to get a job after completion of your Doctorate there are things you
have to do now

 Paul Toombs has over 30 years experience in enabling people to be superior performers and facilitating  personal and career development sessions for postgraduate researchers, researchers and academics.

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