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Saturday 15th: 16.30 - 18.00 WIPS Session

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Vrecka Scott
6 June 2013

WPS During this session, two students will give presentations on their current work and invite questions and suggestions from the audience.  This will enable presenters to practice for sharing their research in the wider world and to benefit from the advice of interested peers.  It will also help prepare attendees for participating in more formal conferences and provide ideas for how they might approach their own future presentations.  The session will close with a short reflection on lessons learned from the experience.

Mair Lloyd is a first-year, full-time PhD student, based on the Milton Keynes campus.  She works in the Centre for Research in Education and Education Technology (CREET) and her research topic is eLearning for Ancient Languages.  Mair has been convening work in progress seminars for CREET throughout the year and has found them to be an extremely worthwhile experience for presenters and other participants.

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