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Eye tracker in IET Labs

Using the eye tracker to study Twitter use

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Agnes Kukulska-Hulme
10 February 2009

What is the eye tracker good for? Can it help us understand what attracts users' attention when they use Twitter?

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Agnes Kukulska-Hulme
2:15pm 10 February 2009

We had a hypothesis that Twitter users might pay a lot of attention to messages with embedded links. This might be interesting if we see Twitter as a tool to draw attention to what you are doing, including your work as a researcher. Who is reading your messages and how are they reading them? What do they notice? What makes them go off in another direction, following someone else instead of you?


The eye tracker is one way to explore the above questions, perhaps. It could complement other methods, in a multi-method approach within a Researcher 2.0 perspective. 

Gráinne Conole
2:16pm 10 February 2009

Hi I missed the session Agnes and would love to hear a summary of how it went. I think software like this has alot of potential. I am particulalry interested in how we might use tools like this to capture emergent and changing practices with technologies.

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme
2:29pm 10 February 2009

Our four volunteers were 'captured' on DVD but I have not yet seen the results.

Gill Clough
2:34pm 10 February 2009

Only three of them - two novice Twitter users and one experienced. I escaped ;) (actually, wasn't really enough time)

Patrick McAndrew
4:43pm 13 February 2009 (Edited 10:57am 11 December 2009)

There are a couple of videos from the eye-tracker available on the olnetchannel of youtube -

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