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Chris Targett
7 June 2013

Reflective Practice Illustrations
I'm a Careers Advisor in Kent, with a Fine Art background. Since about 2010 I have used 'quick' reflective drawings as part of my career practice, to help me consider the issues I face within my work both with clients and in the broader context.
I have decided to share some of my current drawings from now (June 2013) onwards; not with the aim of profit (as this wasn't the purpose behind these images) but with the aim of provoking thought, debate and reflections on 'career' with other advisors, practitioners and people who maybe interested.
Some of these images are intended as ironic or worse case scenarios; some are thoughts on the possibilities available to us or our clients in practice.
Feedback and thoughts greatly appreciated.
NOTE: Illustrations posted don't represent my employers views or opinions, are not based on any client or customer interactions and intended as reflections/points of debate with regards general careers practice in England.
As I currently don't hold an account that allows "embedded" images I have provided links (below) to the "Career Illustrations" in my "Deviant Art" portfolio (link above) to allow viewing of images. Please add any content/discussions relevant to "reflective careers work" in this cloud - many thanks.
Individuals are welcome to share and use images as they see fit as images are presented under the creative commons license: 'Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported' -
Kind regards,

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