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IET TCM Event 2013: OU Live, powered by Blackboard Collaborate

2 July 2013

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am

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Lynda Davies
17 June 2013

Using OU Live

If you are based on campus please join us for this informal, face-to-face session, have a cup of coffee/tea (with biscuits!) and contribute to the discussion.  This event will be broadcast live online for every one to watch and will be recorded for replay.

Link toLive Broadcast:

Abstract: This session will provide an update on the progress made in the first part of this year after undertaking adoption of Blackboard Collaborate, to eventually replace Elluminate. In line with previous briefings, reference will be made to the standard overview available via with more emphasis on the immediate next steps for piloting, following successful staff training, familiarisation and trials. In addition to this, a few tips and tricks from recent training will be shown through live demos, following good response from regional and national staff development sessions. Colleagues will also get an opportunity to ask questions surgery-style as required on the day. 

All staff are asked to note that project information continues to be updated via and the staff-only area is available via

Presenter: Rhodri Thomas (IT) Sharon Monie (LTS)

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground floor

Live Link to online broadcast

Twitter hashtag: #ouTCM

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Extra content

Looking through the edited podcast episode covering the event, the following rough timecodes may be of interest to folks looking for something specific:

  • Overview, features and timelines: 02:00
  • Comparison of Elluminate and OU Live: 10:20
  • Demo of system on staff-facing learn3 VLE: 13:50
  • ‘Tips & Tricks’: 48:20
  • Mobile: 66:10

Rhodri Thomas
15:49 on 22 July 2013 (Edited 15:50 on 22 July 2013)

ALs and others who are present users of Elluminate can attend one of the OU Live transition events run on the Talking point site at These will be run on Saturdays from 31st August to 28th September. The events include live demonstrations, practice rooms, a quiz and a FAQ wiki.  Information, a bookings wiki and a timetable for the day can be found on the site.

For new users, Online choices is running an introduction to OU Live on the first Thursday evening of every month at 7-30pm.  You can book your place at and you will find the live demonstration room at

Anne Campbell
16:16 on 25 July 2013

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OU Live, powered by Blackboard collaborate presented by Rhodri Thomas and Sharon Monie

OU Live, powered by Blackboard collaborate presented by Rhodri Thomas and Sharon Monie

added by Lynda Davies


Lynda Davies
9:06am 5 July 2013

I thought it was an excellent event. The simultaneous use of both moderator and student screens allowed the differences between Elluminate and OU Live to be explored in depth from both perspectives (and platforms). As a curriculum manager and an AL who will soon be using OU Live, I will feel a lot more confident when it comes to my first session.


Kevin Church

Christine Wise
3:20pm 5 July 2013

I agree with Kevin, the use of the two screens was very good. 


Jackie Dagger
9:52am 8 July 2013

It was a great session.  I've not been a massive user of Elluminate but OU Live seems user friendly and I think I will use it a lot more.  Well done Sharon and Rhod.


Jim Peard
1:03pm 8 July 2013

My job involves analysing data from all kinds of operational systems. This will include analysing OU Live data when it becomes a live system.

It was extremely useful to see OU Live in action. It gave me a much clearer idea of the range of activities that students and moderators can engage in, and how different types of user can interact. 

Jim Peard

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