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METIS Learning Design Workshop

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Yishay Mor
26 June 2013

Several decades of research produced an extensive body of scientific knowledge of effective ways to use technology to support learning. Yet, if we want to have a scalable impact on teaching and learning, we need to break out of the academic sphere and make this knowledge available, accessible and relevant to educational practitioners. We see learning design as the key to empowering educational practitioners to connect their experience with a wide body of professional knowledge and provide effective and engaging learning experiences. The METIS project ( aims to promote a professional culture of learning design, by providing educators with an Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE) and a workshop package for training educators in using the ILDE to support effective learning design.

Learning design is the act of devising new practices, plans of activity, resources and tools aimed at achieving particular educational aims in a given situation. Learning design breaches the divide between research and practice by projecting theoretical insights into concrete contexts, and abstracting transferable knowledge from practical experience.

The Metis learning design workshops are designed to guide educators in applying a critical and inquisitive approach to issues and concerns that matter the most to them and their students. We begin by exploring the context in which you work and the challenges you are faced with, then provide methods and tools to help you identify solutions for these challenges. Finally, you will be able to deploy the designs you produce to a VLE at the click of a button. These workshops are supported by the ILDE, a bespoke environment for co-design of learning, developed by the Metis project.

This document describes the aims, organisational requirements and activity structure for METIS learning design workshops. The aims are specified in terms of outcomes for participants and the METIS project. The organisational requirements describe the human and other resources required to run a workshop. The activity structure describes a reusable structure of activities to enable participants to reach the learning outcomes specified. It includes a description of the tools and the information resources for both participants and facilitators for each activity.

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