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Accessify Wiki

Creating and delivering accessibility fixes, one site at a time.

Cloud created by:

Nick Freear
24 October 2013


What is Accessify Wiki?

  • It is a Wiki where you can write accessibility and usability fixes;
  • It is an open community, where you can take action to improve the Web for all;
  • It is a place to collaborate and serve the needs of individuals;
  • It is a way to deliver unobtrusive accessibility fixes via Javascript to the end user;
  • It is a means to harness the power of HTML5, WAI-ARIA and the modern Web;
  • It allows site owners to get a head-start with accessibility.

What it isn't

  • Accessify Wiki is not panacea -- it is not a way to fix all accessibility problems;
  • It is not a long-term solution to accessibility;
  • It is not a way to fix embedded Flash, PDFs, Java, or HTML5 Canvas-heavy web applications;
  • It does not let businesses off the hook -- businesses and site owners have a responsibility to test and improve their site's accessibility.


Extra content

Embedded Content

Accessify Wiki beta - Introduction

Accessify Wiki beta - Introduction

added by Nick Freear

Version 1.1 of the slides, on Google Docs

Version 1.1 of the slides, on Google Docs

added by Nick Freear


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