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resources for the MobiLearnFest

6 March 2014

Deadline: 5 January 2014

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Yishay Mor
10 December 2013

If you're considering a submission for the MobiLearnFest, you might have a demo or activity already planned - which is fine, or you might want to offer a mobile learning experience which related to the local environment. In this case, we've gathered some resources that may help you:

The M-Shed museum ( would like to enhance its offering using digital technologies. The museum describes itself:

For the first time, Bristol has a museum dedicated to telling the amazing history of the city, through the objects and stories of the people who have made the city what it is today.

Located on the historic dockside, Bristol's flagship museum has been designed to retain the unique character of the former 1950s transit shed.

Three galleries reveal the fascinating story of the city and its unique place in the world. From prehistoric times to the present day, explore the history of Bristol through the objects and stories of the people who made the city what it is today.

The Colston Statue has sparked a fierce debate. Edward Colston was a generous donor to many charities, who made his fortune in the slave trade.

Here are some maps and sites providing information on the local history and geography:

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