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CONF TIPS: What you can do to participate if not attending the live sessions

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Dr Simon Ball
14 January 2014

If you are not able or eligible to  attend the online conference, you can still engage with the presentations asynchronously via this Cloudscape. Here are a few tips:

  • Register here in Cloudworks if you haven't already - this enables you to comment on the sessions asynchronously via their posters.
  • In addition to comments you may wish to offer tips or useful links to the presenters on the topic they are covering.

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Munir Moosa Sadruddin
8:34pm 16 December 2018


I will be attending the live conference and I am very excited. But in case of power outage or network issue in our city, I will opt for this option.



Dr Simon Ball
7:56pm 20 December 2018

Hi Munir
These instructions are for other conference attendees, not student speakers. If there is a risk of power outage or network issue, I strongly recommend that you record a version of your presentation in advance, so that we can play it in your slot of there is an issue on the day. Your subsequent interactions with other speakers can then take place on Cloudworks after you have viewed the recording of the conference session. (Note to other readers: recordings are only available to current H818 students).
Best wishes


Munir Moosa Sadruddin
11:56am 23 December 2018

Hi Dr. Simon

You are right! I will look at all the options or will prefer staying at a nearby hotel for a full day as they have electric generator facility and I want to attend the full conference, or I will keep a recording version of a presentation in case of power outage.

Best Wishes

Dr. Munir

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