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CONF TIPS: Etiquette for questions on live presentations

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Dr Simon Ball
14 January 2014

Each student presentation will occupy a 15 minute slot. This will include a presentation of no more than 10 minutes, followed by the opportunity for questions to be asked.

Questions may be asked by audience members using the text chat facility - whilst questions can be entered into the text chat window at any time during a live presentation, the speakers will be instructed not to interrupt their presentation to answer questions - instead they will be answered after the speaker has delivered their presentation.

Questions may also be submitted in advance to the conference organiser ( or via comments on the Cloudworks posters. 

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Munir Moosa Sadruddin
8:32pm 16 December 2018

Hello Simon

In five minutes, we can entertain at most 1-2 questions during the conference depends on the nature of the question, so are we allowed to answer the left questions via clouds work?


Dr Simon Ball
7:53pm 20 December 2018

Hi Munir
In 5 minutes for Q&A we usually get through 5-10 questions if the speaker remains succinct and doesn't waffle :-)
After each conference session I post ALL questions asked during a session (including the ones answered in Q&A) onto each speaker's Cloud in a comment, and they can then choose how they want to respond to those (for example sometimes it is simpler to group several questions together and make a single response).
Best wishes


Munir Moosa Sadruddin
11:58am 23 December 2018

Dear Simon

Thank you for clarification :)


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