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Learn About Fair: Learning Enhancement in Scotland: Developing and Supporting the Curriculum

26 February 2014

Scottish National Centre - Learning Enhancement

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Anna Page
14 January 2014

At the 2014 Learn About Fair the Scottish National Centre will have a stall about their latest Learning Enhancement Theme.

The Enhancement Themes are a distinctive part of the higher education landscape in Scotland.  There have been nine themes since 2003, with Developing and Supporting the Curriculum the current focus for activity.  The Themes are characterised by a strong ethos of cross-sector collaboration, a very student-centred focus on learning and teaching enhancement, and an openness to innovation and new ideas.  The OU engages through an institutional team that comprises mainly staff from Scotland but also from central units.  We are involved in the leadership of the Themes and support practical activity in learning enhancement through larger strategic projects and a range of innovative smaller projects.  

The stall showcases current initiatives related to the Developing and Supporting the Curriculum Theme.  We use posters, video, slide-loops and ‘take away’ resources to highlight recent activity, including projects focused on:

  • New technologies, new pedagogies
  • Professional development and learning enhancement
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Partnerships for Learning
  • Student Transitions.

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