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#taggedlife: a mobile game and social experiement

6 March 2014

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Yishay Mor
20 January 2014

#taggedlife is a social event, a mobile game, and an experiment in complex systems, social dynamics and ethics.

The questions it explores span multiple dimensions:

  • what are the system dynamics of memes? what does the spread of a social phenomena over time and space look like?
  • how easy or hard is it to get people to reveal personal information online?
  • what are our roles and responsibilities as researchers engaging with such questions?

It explores these questions through a simple, game-like activity. We will set up a stand in Bristol, and hand out instructions for the #taggedlife game. 

The instructions, a QR code, and a map of the tweets are available on the game page:

We will use Martin Hawksey's TAGS to map these tweets and explore their evolution over time and space.

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taggedlife is a social event, a mobile game, and an experiment in complex systems, social dynamics and ethics. 

The rules of the game are simple: Your goal is to get as many people to post a tweet with the tag#taggedlife and your twitter name. 
To do this:
  • Find someone who uses twitter on their phone
  • Tell them about this game 
  • Tell them something personal about yourself 
  • Ask them to tweet that something to #taggedlife with your twitter name 
  • Ask them to find cool #taggedlife tweets and retweet them 
  • Invite them to join the game

Yishay Mor
12:20 on 27 February 2014 (Edited 12:26 on 27 February 2014)

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John Cook
7:03am 21 January 2014

Sometimes IE doen't work with Cloudworks but looks good and you get my vote ...

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