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Experiencing street art with SharedWalk: a living demo during the MobiLearnFest!

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Natasa Lackovic
3 February 2014

SharedWalk is a service funded by the Nominet Trust and implemented by the Learning Science Research Institute at the University of Nottingham. The project lead  is Charles Crook; one of the associated researchers also participating in the Bristol demo is Natasa Lackovic.  The project links an app (“ourviews”) to a website ( ). The app can post photos or videos (“views”) to personal spaces on the site where they may be shared within a project of users and assembled into publishable montages or narratives. Of particular interest is the expressive and reflective potential of “sound photos”.  The app allows voice (or contextual sounds) to be attached to the a photograph.

The service  is seen to have a potential for teaching and learning across subjects relating to urban and rural environments, situations, communities, actions and events. For appropriation into an educational context we would highlight the following useful properties:

(1)        The site/service offers a free, secure and contained space within which each  project can be overseen, organised, shared and, ultimately,  published as a unique URL.  This is an advantage for teachers who might wish to avoid commercial photo/video services with their uncertainties, functional clutter and advertising.

(2)        The sound photo is a distinctive medium for composing expressive, reflective narrative and expository digital artefacts

(3)        The app supports a ‘project mode’ which permits  a group of users to see a shared set of “themes” to which they can “post” their views.

Demo: At Bristol MobiLearnFest, we shall invite participants on an ‘adventure’ learning task with the app based on Bristol street art. The participants will create sound photos and/or videos and learn something interesting about the city and beyond via the apps’ ‘project mode’. We hope to provide an engaging and enjoyable mobile learning experience. 

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