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Inclusiveness in Prison education

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Eileen Mansfield
6 February 2014

Prison students have many challenges to overcome to achieve a degree. Cloud under construction

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Interactive Computer Marked Assignment (iCMA) H818 Online conference 2014, Activity 1 Hello, In order to complete this activity you must follow the link below and answer the questions. Your responses will be collected automatically. For the purposes of the H818 Online Conference, this activity has been completed in Survey Monkey, rather than as an iCMA. Although this is not an iCMA, which is the method I would propose for this project, it has the sorts of questions that would be asked. Please refer to the Popplet Activity 1.1 for some links to areas of interest within psychology. I would appreciate your comments Thank you.

Eileen Mansfield
14:53 on 13 February 2014 (Edited 14:56 on 13 February 2014)

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