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Nick Freear
6 February 2014

This is a Cloud to support the "Open Sourcer" badge. Please leave your comments below, to meet the criteria for the badge.

NOTE: For the purposes of this badge "free", "libre" and "open source" are inter-changeable.

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Ahmed S. A. E. S. AL-Attar
12:23 on 4 October 2016

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Nick Freear
3:35pm 7 February 2014 (Edited 11:55am 13 February 2014)


I got involved with free/open-source software when I joined The Open University in 2005.

The OU had just adopted the open-source Moodle as it's virtual learning environment (VLE), and I was involved in the development for two years.

Various OU developers started to make modifications to the core of Moodle (and to go on to contribute plugins), and because of my interest and knowledge around accessibility, I was fortunate to be one of them. You can see the details of what I worked on between Moodle 1.6 and Moodle 1.9, and a full list of my Moodle contributions in the Git repository.

Since then, I've collaborated on the open-source CloudEngine (Cloudworks), written by my colleague Juliette Culver, written a number of plugins for Moodle, and worked on Track OER, here in IET.

I've also contributed to jQuery-Jeditable and version 2 of Eric Egert's accessifyhtml5.js.

Recent work includes helping Martin Hawksey on a Wordpress plugin, and my project, Accessify Wiki.

I think early on it was exciting to think of small improvements that I was making to Moodle, that would eventually be experienced by thousands of students and teachers around the world. And its great when someone emails or comments saying they are using your work - normally they want help, or a bug fixed too, but that's all good.

My main motivation is helping others - similar to Richard Stallman's "help your neighbor", and wanting to be able to look back on worthwhile contributions to projects.

[ DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know its weird that I created the badge and I'm the first applicant. In spite of this, hopefully the above is sufficient evidence. We'll see! ]

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