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Opening of Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium by John Cook

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John Cook
1 March 2014

Welcome to the Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium. This event brings together practitioners, industry players and researchers who will exchange their visions of how to use mobile technology to fundamentally change the way we teach and learn. Contributions offer any combination of conceptual, critical, design, empirical, theoretical or experimental work that relates in some way to the symposium’s broad themes and/or the three trends it identifies. We invited either 'ideas' paper abstracts or 'ideas' for the mobiLearnFest component of the Symposium around the broad themes of ‘innovation, creativity and sustainability’ for mobile learning. However, we have a strong preference that papers address at least one of the following three trends of mobile learning state-of-the-art research (for details:

  • Focus on new patterns of connected social learning and work-based practices.
  • Focus on designing for ‘mobile learning’ at scale.
  • Focus on the boundaries of learning that the ‘m’ in m-learning forces us to explore.

Twenty-four 'Ideas' papers have been reviewed, accepted and registered for the event. There is a very strong European feel to the Symposium, with contributors from: Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Norway and UK. Plus we have colleagues from the USA presenting. There will be a webcast / hangout: we are counting on your remote participation! Also, follow #biiml and #mobilearnfest on Twitter.

MobiLearnFest (free of charge) will take place between 16:00 and 18:00 on Thursday 6th of March at the Watershed and Broad Quay area. Can you dance with data? Trust intimate information with strangers? Solve historical puzzles about your city on in situ? Share your walk in the streets of Bristol? Symposium participants and the general public can engage with provocative experiences that challenge our perception of learning, teaching and indeed living in a constantly-connected world. Among these experiences are: augmented choreographies - using augmented reality to enhance dance in public spaces, a local history quest - using mobile phones to challenge your local knowledge, a social game using twitter where you are asked to reveal intimate details of your life, and a remotely shared walk in the city.

Proceedings of Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning 2014 (Ed: Cook, J., Santos, P. and Mor, Y.) will be published shortly after the event via a free open-access publication service of Sun SITE Central Europe operated under the umbrella of RWTH Aachen University. There will also be a Special Issue of JIME process (to be published Spring 2015) but more about that on Friday.

On behalf of the Co-Chairs I would like to thank the Programme Committee for all of their hard work. Thank you also to the Kate, Viv and the Watershed people for helping us organsie this event. I look forward to meeting you all and engaging you in conversations about the interdisciplinary and innovative ideas that will be on display over the next two days.

John Cook
Professor of Learning Innovation and Convenor of D4DL, UWE Bristol
Designing for Digital Learners Research Group (D4DL)

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