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Quick run through of how we imagined the mobiLearnFest

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John Cook
3 March 2014

Just to be sure we're all on the same page. Here's a quick run through of how we imagined the mobiLearnFest:

16:00 in the main symposium room, we have a quick round of 2 minute presentations introducing the mobiLearnFest experiences. I suggest we agree on no powerpoints, no videos. Ideally - just one person standing and talking. Perhaps using material artefacts to demonstrate.
16:10 we go out to the cafe area, where we offer our experiences to both symposium participants and passers by. Each one of us will have a small table to display our goods, and maybe a bit of wall area (bring your own blue-tac).
17:30 symposium participants re-convene in the main room, to debreif and reflect on the experiences.
If you need people to install an app, let me know - with links for iOS and Android, and I'll inform all participants.
Looking forward to some fun.. my only regret is that I won't be able to try your experiences.
Dear participants,
We are excited to have you with us at the Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium. 
One thing you will not hear us say at the event is: "please turn off your phone". Quite the opposite - we would like you to use your mobile devices in any way that you think can enhance the event. Please do comment, photograph, video - and share everything on twitter, facebook, google plus or whatever other tool you fancy. Please use the tag: #biiml. As a matter of fact, you can start using it now..
We will try to broadcast the event using google hangout on-air. If you have a mobile device which can broadcast video (and a 3G / 4G connection) let us know, and we will invite you to some of the sessions so that you can also broadcast.
For the mobiLearnFest, some of the demos will be using special apps. You may want to install these on your devices:

Individual sessions


Experiencing street art with SharedWalk: a living demo during the MobiLearnFest!

Hi All,

This is the info in relation to our demo (targeting participants):

In this demo you will use an app-to-web collaborative mobile learning environment to document and share personal reactions and reflections around Bristol street art.  The technology environment allows  you to coordinate in a secure and simple shared environment ( while the app (ourviews) invites you to work with various forms of representations: photos, videos and the “sound photo”.  We encourage the “sound photo” alternative: take a picture and then narrate your reaction or record any sound you want onto that image which is posted to the shared webspace. 

A two-sided A4 sheet will be provided on the spot. One side will graphically explain how to log in and use the app (this should not take more than 5 minutes)and your task. The other side of the sheet will explain the task you need to complete within an hour. We will escort you to the point where the walking exploration starts. This area is not far away from Watershed. The map of the area will be provided on the task sheet as well. When you return to Watershed, you’ll evaluate your experience and the app.

INSTALLING THE APP: Please download free “ourview” app from any Play store (available for iphone, androids and tablet) prior to the mobiLearnFest  meeting.”

We look forward to seeing you all!


Charles and Natasa


Hi Everyone,

For " Exploring Practice-based Learning through the Living Archives and the AffeXity Projects" (long title) people need to download AURASMA

Once up and running they need to subscribe to the top BIIML channel and then they will be set. We can help with this part, but the instructions are below.

Start the Aurasma app and click the A-shaped icon at the bottom to go to the homescreen.
On the homescreen tap the "Magnify/Search" Icon and carry out a search for the "BIIML channel.
Tap on the channel in the search results and then tap the follow icon in the top right.
You are now connected to the channel & ready to go.

Look at the images on the channel page to find where to go in the space.
Tap on the “A” icon to bring up your Aurasma viewfinder.
Line up the viewfinder in roughly the same space that a picture indicates it was taken. This should bring up the AR piece created for that location.




for Etiquetar we don’t need to install anything.

I am helping him with the Questinsitu demo, as you know questinsitu is an outdoors demo, so I’ve prepared a QR-code to download the app. I have also blue-tac to share with you.Patricia (and Javier)


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