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Meta-academy: An online lab exploring embodiment and co-creation on the internet

Cloud created by:

Marlon Barrios Solano
6 March 2014

meta-academy explores:

  • The affordances of networked environments for collaborative knowledge production as open education strategies focusing on interdisciplinary contemporary performance practices and choreographic knowledge.
  • New models of on-line collaborative knowledge creation and e-learning among artists, researchers, art centres, festivals and universities.
  • Trans-media and meta-media approaches to expand current research on documentation models and transmission on contemporary choreographic practices.

meta-academy is led by the following intersecting questions:

  • What are the specific affordances of the new internet platforms such as social networking, wikis, media aggregations, networked video, live video broadcasting, meta-data and data flows for the instructional design of online learning environments for contemporary performance practices?
  • How can we integrate  internet native emergent practices and potential new inscriptions of knowledge such as b/vlogging, micro-blogging, remixing, media and data mashups,  locative media, video annotations, augmented reality, tagging and meta-tagging, people and conceptual networks visualisation, and collaborative writing curation and co-creation into formal and institutional online learning environments?
  • How contemporary contemporary artists can we use the online environment and activities as spaces of artistic research on the performative conditions that are specific of the networked educational space ?
  • How can choreographic knowledge and embodiment be understood and designed in the online  learning experiences?

meta-academy was conceived by Marlon Barrios Solano with the support of:

Go to our first pilot: meta-academy@bates 2013


meta-academy team:

Project Leader and on-line facilitator

Marlon Barrios Solano

Creative production and on-line facilitator

Rachel Boggia

Networked collaboration specialist and on-line facilitator

Josephine Dorado

For a narrative, you can read Rachel Boggia’s blog article

We have shared a folder with you with further resources on our work so far, including:
1.-A short report written by collaborator Rachel Boggia and me.
2.-Editor's note "dancing Without a Body" written by Nancy Stark Smith and an image collage, both  published on the last issue of Contact Quarterly.
 @ bates 2013 was also included  in the knowledge base created by  Motion Bank project:

Visit meta-academy@bates 2013: Minded Motion at:

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