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D 3 .3 : Pilot workshops: workshops for different educational levels

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Andrew Brasher
21 March 2014

Deliverable D3.3
presents three workshop structures across higher education (OU), adult training (Agora) and vocational training (KEK).
In each case the workshops are developed from the meta-design that was included in Deliverable D3.2 and has beenupdated to reflect use.
The deliverable includes:
1. Description of the development process based on running of a pilot workshop within the project , use of patterns and guidelines.
2. Template files for planning the workshops and adjusting the meta design.
3. Description of the design of each workshop together with associated resource packs.
4. Summary of the next steps as the pilot workshops take place.
The pilot workshops contain: instructions for the trainers as to how to run the workshop; a sequence of activities for the trainer and the
trainees; a description of the rationale and pedagogical methodology on which the workshop is based; and attached learning resources to be used in the workshop.

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