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Blair Frame
22 March 2014

Healthy Eating - 4Ts model Review

This model seems to me to be quite structured and rigid and seems to initially encourage collaboration but my feeling is that it might stifle it. The fact that each step has set tasks to complete would push the participants into a single path instead of allowing them the freedom to explore many different possibilities.

It also seems to be heavily reliant on the teacher to move the students through the process instead of letting them take ownership of the tasks and decide amongst themselves how much time they need to dedicate to a certain activity.

The model is quite set in stone and easily transferable to different scenarios which would reduce the amount of planning teachers would need to do before delivering a lesson.

Healthy Eating - E-Learning Template Review

This model appears to be different to the 4Ts model as it relies more heavily on the students themselves to drive the learning. It also seems to be less structured and allows for the students to direct their own learning. This is something spoken about in previous weeks of the course, that really it should be the student who is in charge of what they want to learn.

In a way it reminds me of my own learning experiences at university where we were initially given some ideas to discuss and then given the opportunity to work out for ourselves what we should discuss and define from those discussions and report them back to a tutor.

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