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Michael Waldron
24 March 2014

Four T's Model

My first reaction to this model was one of bemusement. Although technology is quite clearly placed at the centre of this process the diagram appears just to function as a glorified lesson plan

The lesson/session is split into Tasks, Teams, Technology and Time and then represented using a flow diagram to show how the 4Ts integrate and associate with each other. The timings of the activities appear quite rigid and ambitious which makes me think that the need to move on quickly from one activity to the next might stifle collaboration.

Also, the presence of lanes indicate that each activity is somehow exclusive or neutral to one another; it's difficult to see how there would be time to change both the topic and the learning environment so many times.

Overall, there are some useful aspects here but having learnt my lessons from past experience it would be inevitable that I would end up tinkering and simplifiyng this approach.

eDesign Model

I found the graphic for the 4 phases of scaffolding easy understand and it looks logical in its progression of stages. The constructivist pedagogic foundation bears perhaps the closest resemblance to my own learning design described in Activity 1b. This model seems especially suitable for activities structured over a longer period of time. I like the fact that this model can be orientated to fit around a tool, a technology, a skill or a concept.

I would have liked a little more information provided at each stage of the process and you can't really see from the model if the outcome or objective of the lesson have been achieved.

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