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Fiona's design narrative

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Fiona Jones
25 March 2014

Title H800 A1 Help I don’t know what to do!



I am a student undertaking the Open University module H800



This is part of the study module. The activities were undertaken at home. Time was allocated to this with minimal disruption to the schedule anticipated.




The task was to explore Cloudworks to become familiar with it then create your own design narrative. This narrative was to be created in your own cloud and describe a personal learning design experience.

Two design narratives by other students were then to be reviewed and commented on.


In order to succeed the personal design narrative should completed and then shared on Cloudworks or within the the tutor group forum. Other design narratives should then be commented upon.




1. Watched video presentation.

2. Familiarised myself with Cloudworks through exploring the site.

3. Read information and watched presentation on design narratives.

4. Read sample design narrative.

5. Decided on a design narrative and wrote it.

6. Published  to a cloud on Cloudworks.



The biggest obstacle I had was deciding what to do. As I am not in the classroom at the moment I find it a drawback in these situations. I do not have an immediate point of reference I am concerned as to what I should do. I can call on previous activities I have been part of but I have no evidence or notes in my current location to support it.

The easiest way to overcome this I decided was to use my experience of completing this task.




Information was entered into the cloud. However in terms of it being an authentic design narrative I am sceptical.

I have yet to review and comment on the design narratives of other students.




This was an interesting environment to explore. While this was part of an activity in the module I am studying I can see the benefit to its use if and when I return to teaching. However the fact that I could think of no immediate personal example to use did result in a rather stinted and contrived exercise. I am sure that if I had a personal purpose for this it would be a more positive and engaging experience.




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