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Bob Bennell's design narrative: A one day personal development workshop 2014

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Bob bennell
25 March 2014

Title A one day personal development programme


As a leadership and management coach I was asked to design and deliver a one day personal development programme aimed at improving the morale and team spirit within a department at the organisation in which I work.


The event was to take place in one of the training rooms in the Learning and Development department. The space can best be described as a large room in which the seats are arranged in a horseshoe configuration. There are no tables or desks in the room. The room is equiped with an interactive whiteboard, comouter and projector. There is also one whiteboard available.

The participants, about 12 in number, had not recieved any professional development for a number of years and were disenchanted with the organisation. Their line manager reported a lack of team spirit and wanted the programme aimed at team building and improving engagement with the team goals. The line manager was not attending the event.


My goal was to try to improve the participants morale and try to have them focus on the postives.


I initially had the participants  spend time introducing themselves to on another. Although they all worked with each other it became apparent that they didn't really know each other that well. I then worked on establishing what the participants wanted achieve from the sesion instead of what the line manager had requested. This had the result of the participants feeling that the programme was designed for them and the participation improved


The results of the workshop was that although I did not specifically adress the issues of team morale or lack of team spirit by focusing on the individual this had the desired result. The feedback from the participants was that they had felt valued for themselves and had been allowed time to get to know each other. The feedback from the line manager was that morale had improved and there was now a new team spirit in the department


It was   a difficult group to start with who felt undervalued. by focusing on them as people and not resources it ade them feel that someone did care and was willing to listen to them. I now ensure I have a lot more detail about the participants prior to the workshops in order to tailor the sesion for their own needs



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