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Creating A PDF Of Your Blog Using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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Michael Smith
25 March 2014

Title: Creating A PDF Of Your Blog Using Adobe Acrobat Pro.


My role in this was to deliver a short instructional session on how to use Adobe Acrobat X to make a PDF archive of a students blog.


The level 4 undergraduate students (20)  had been introduced to blogging as part of their Personal, Professional Practice module of their degree programme. All students had been using Blogger for some months and were required to submit a digital snapshot of their blog for archive purposes and assessment purposes. The session was to be delivered in a fully equipped computer lab and all students had access to appropriate internet resources and a computer each.

This was a face to face session with a web based supporting document provided for reference and future guidance if required. All guidance materials were placed in the VLE (moodle) as a web page.  


The task was to ensure that all students developed an understanding of how to set up their blogs, prior to the PDF making process for maximum readability by the assessors. To identify and articulate common problems that the students may come across and to make sure that students were then able to make a PDF for this and future modules.


  • Welcome the students

  • Introduce the aims and objectives of the session.

  • Ensure that everyone was logged into their computers and then their blogs. Check to see if everyone was at the same stage.

  • Talk through the process of setting up their blogs to show maximum number of posts, reminding them why we are doing this.

  • Help the students all find their way to Adobe acrobat on the computers.

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat, and create a .pdf from a webpage, paste link in then set up the page sizes.

  • PDF and wait… Whilst the PDFing is happening time for a quick Q&A about the process or follow up if any students are having difficult.

  • PDF complete.

  • Show students how to set blog back to previous settings and save them.

  • Review of what we have done. Final opportunity for questions

  • End of session. (Lasts about 40-45 minutes.)

The session went quite well but as anticipated there is an inevitable lag with students who can’t quite work as fast as others. Other problems encountered were when individuals raced ahead because they thought that they understood what to do then came up against technical issues. In terms of overcoming them I asked individuals to support each other initially as they are a close knit group, then to ask me if there were still problems. Overall though it was a relatively straightforward task.


The anticipated outcome was that students understood how to make a PDF of their blogs. This was demonstrated by the fact that all students submitted a blog for assessment. In terms of perhaps slightly unexpected results it got one or two students who I didn’t expect to work together doing so.


Overall it was a positive experience but preparation is key, I have run this session before and did so two or three months prior to this session. In the meantime google had updated the interface for blogger slightly and I had to modify the session ever so slightly on the fily. If I had checked that day I would have been prepared. In terms of transferable skills, check your work, be prepared and know your material before you start teaching!

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