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Fiona Jones
27 March 2014

4TS model

I found this to be recognisable and comfortable similar in form to lesson plans I have previously used. The focus on a timeline with the main components of task, team, technology and time are clear and I feel that it meets the aim of providing a bird’s eye view. Actions and objectives are clearly present. I feel that this would be easy to scan while progressing through a lesson. As I have done in the past I could also see this as I form which I would easily share with pupils.

As I have always seen plans as working documents I could see myself using a hard copy of this, with more space provided, to add notes during the lesson and then later referring to it for evaluation.


4SPPIces model

This is also a format which I find to be logical and appealing. The four factors which are considered of space, pedagogical input, participants and history are familiar aspects of planning. The format allows for the process to be viewed at a glance. It appears to be easily transferable to most teaching scenarios. It would I feel be easy to share with other practitioners.

Again I would require hard copy of this whilst teaching but would return to the electronic version for alterations and evaluations.

I found both these options easy to understand and follow. Both I felt were able to adequately convey their purpose.

I would find either of these more suited to my design. Perhaps because they are more similar to formats I have previously used and therefore feel more familiar.


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