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Amirah Moulhiem
27 March 2014

"Healthy Eating" as a 4 Ts model

 I found this representation easy to read and understand. The language used is simple, clear and concise which is helpful especially for non-native English speakers.

The structure of the 4 Ts, I found was quite messy as the extract claimed but I eventually got around to it once I figured out how the mess can be organized.

I thought that Technology being the center of focus on this representation is good as the components in it are crucial: input resource, environment and output resource, making for an effective lesson.

 "Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template

Unlike the 4 Ts model, the e-Design Template is easier to digest visually. The language is a bit harder to understand and the words used are not as simple and clear but is still ‘readable’. The table presentation is very organized and the design caters to both short and long-term learning making it easier to maintain and change/edit if needed to suit a teacher’s needs.

The 4 practice principles reminded me of authentic (open) and non-authentic (closed) activities. The activities were mainly closed, though and with no opportunities for the authentic. This representation, I think, would be suitable for me as a teacher to use as a regular lesson planning strategy.

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zorah abu kassim
1:30am 28 March 2014

Hi Amirah,

I agree on 4T's as I found it easy reading and could be easily understood due to the representation being relatively simple.

I like the simplicity of it and I can follow the steps for the lesson plan quite well. The technology used is rather basic classroom tools for example, whiteboard ,To- do list etc.


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