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Bob Bennell's representation review 2014

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Bob bennell
28 March 2014

I found the 4 T's model clear and relatively easy to understand. The swim lane idea made the representation easy to work through and was reminiscent of the lesson plans I was taught to develop during my traing development.  

It appeared that the model could be used in most trainiing or educational settings to give a basic outline of a lesson. It is the sort of thing I still use today to plan lessons although in a slightly different format.

The benifits of using this type of dsign is that it gives you a clear structure for the session and identifies the resources required be that some kind of technnology or how you are going to split the group. It is also useful in so far as it can be used by others to run the session.

I found the e-design model interesting as it appeared to focus more on the development of the learner rather than the development of the actual session. In my own role we are trying to embed the concept of the self organised learner and this model gave me a good insight as to how this may be developmed over a period of time.

For me this model focused on the design of an overall programme rather than an individual session and could be used in conjuction with one of the other models which appeared more suited for indvidual sessions.

The session I documented in activity 1a was a one off event so did not immediately lend itself to this kind of representation.

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