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Review of Web Collage and e-Design Template representations

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Kevin Carroll
28 March 2014

Web Collage is the first representation I looked at and I was really impressed. It is very visual; you can see the entire course layout at a glance. It is lacking in a little bit of detail and a third party would have difficulty understanding everything. Detail does have to be included elsewhere and as the description states, Collage can be used with Moodle. After a quick Google search I found a 3 minute YouTube video on how Collage leads into the actual course creation on Moodle: So I guess that could take care of the detail. And as the design work on Collage is utilised on Moodle, I think this gives the teacher extra incentive to spend more time on design as they know that it will save them time later on in Moodle. A good product.

e-Design Template

I found e-Design far easier to understand at first glance than Collage. However, that may be because my own learning preference is more text-based that visual. There is a nice overall diagram at the top but what I really like is the old-fashioned table with the steps clearly laid out. Some simple colour coding of text also helps readability.



If I had a design job to do quickly I would probably use e-Design, it’s so simple and clear. But if I was designing many courses I think I would like to look more at Collage especially in order to subsequently manage my course on Moodle. 

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