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H800 Healthy Eating design representations

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zorah abu kassim
28 March 2014

1.Healthy Eating as 4T's Model

Readibillity - I found it highly readable and I could understand the contents quite well.

Expressiveness - Since I found it readable, I did find it expressed the elements of Tasks, Teams, technology and Time quite well. I was able to understand what the 4T's Model was about 

Utlility - I thought for the one task that this design broke down the task into several manageable parts with who should be responsible ( team of teachers or student), the types of technology needed for each task in terms of inputs, environment and output resource and the time taken to pull off the each task.

2. Healthy Eating as a 4SPPIces Model

Readibility- yes I could understand the content but more complicated that the 4T's model

Expressiveness - Since, it took me a couple of times of reading to under this representation, though I did find this model because of it being showed pictorially was more appealing .

Utlility - Yes, I found this model interesting because of the interaction between the technicians and the practitioners . Therefore, I would gauge that the technicians would be able to get the best technological setting for the tasks to be done.

Is this design adequate for expressing my design in Activty 1 B: I should have thought of this representation of breaking down the task and technology at least into 4 T's Model so my activity 1B had no design from what I can see.

The benefits of using design is:

1.  Structure your thoughts of doing a task

2. breaking down the task into smaller manageable task , assigning particpants and technology and giving a time duration for each task meant that is a schedule . Therefore, you know the duration of each atsk and therefore, you know whether you are behind time or not.

3. Something you could improve on for the next task and you can keep refining the representations to fine tune it to the task at hand. You can add additional activities or technology, it can be  a learning process. 

4. You can gauge whether you have the resources at hand and if you don't have the resources where and how can you get them

5. A planning tool for what and how you intend to do certain tasks to achieve certain learning outcomes with students.

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